Melanie Corey-Ferrini founded Dynamik in 2000 as a boutique collaborative design firm made of diverse viewpoints and mindsets. Her background in real estate, planning, architecture, food and retail operations, branding and design make her uniquely qualified to take on multi-use projects.

Our core team is on all projects, while collaborators and industry partners are pulled into projects as needed for additional and focused expertise. We craft every project and process uniquely to insure one-of-a-kind solutions.

What matters to Dynamik?

Creating human experiences that are grounded in innovation, at the same time, the rooted in the realities of time and budget.

What does Dynamik do for Good?

Dynamik has a firm footing in the community where our world headquarters - our Seattle studio lives. We give back by paying forward thru BEAM Experiences. Our social venture to enhance STEAM curriculum in schools.