Ideating is the phase that kicks-off design. In order to design a innovative experience, the first step is to gather data, analyze and assess the information, observe and synthesize trends. Human experiences are rich in understanding connections in order to move them into creating the next big thing.


Take Inventory and Gather Trends [working with 3.14DC]:

  • Have you completed a Mapping of your Campus Portfolio?

  • What is your Demographics now and in future?

  • What Technology is needed in future?

  • Who are the project Stakeholders and Team?

  • What Sustainable Practices are important?

  • What are the Menu and Equipment Needs?

  • What are the needs of Operations?


Analyze and Assess Feasibility:

  • Ask What If Financial Questions

  • What are your MEP needs?

  • What are your Space and Flow scenarios?

  • What is the project’s Feasibility in the market?

  • What is your Budget and Schedule?

  • What are your Brand Guidelines?



Review Goals, Budget and Schedule:

  • What are your short and long term Goals?

  • What is your Budget and Schedule?

  • Should the project be phased?

  • What is the time-frame for approvals, permitting, construction, and training?



Observe Culture, Demography and Philosophy:

  • Have you looked at all entry points from the End User’s Lens?

  • What are the Sustainability goals?

  • How is Culture and Philosophy defined on your campus?

  • Are you aligned with Leadership?