Dream Big Workshop

Strategic Forecasting
Space Optimization
Nourishing Human Experiences

It’s never too early to dream your next project. Maximized campus planning leads to innovative human experiences.

“If you are looking for new and differentiated experiences for your campus, the dream
big workshops are a great jump start for new thinking"

- Jodi Westwater, Compass Group

Dynamik creates workshops for clients around the globe to dream big before the onset of project timelines and budgets. Dreaming Big means looking at the “What Could Happen If” or “What New and Integrated Experiences will move our Campus to a new master plan?” or “I have researched trends and how do I integrate them in our campus planning?”

Starting in June 2018, we have created a 1 ½ day workshop retreat in Santa Barbara, California for those looking to step into the world of dreaming big with their colleagues - before project timelines and budgets constrain the innovation process. Working with your colleagues allows for iteration and collaboration of ideas at a faster and more diverse level.

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