Creating is the phase of building the physical and integrating the digital. It is the 360 degree experience and all elements, that make-up a wonderful human experience. We create the physical environment and beyond. From the digital integration thru the lighting and handles on the furniture, we create it all.


Experience and Concept Development::

  • Culinary Trend Integration
  • Customer Experience
  • Integrate Technology
  • Operator and Facilities Input Program Alignment
  • 3-D Visioning
  • Brand Development
  • Menu and Retail Concepting


FOH and BOH Design and Layout::

  • Furniture Design and Layout
  • Menu Design
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Operational Flow
  • Interior Architecture Drawings
  • Equipment Plan and Specs
  • HAACP Review
  • Interior Finishes and Lighting


Permit and Project Management::

  • Oversee Schedule and Budget
  • Integrate Operator’s Systems
  • Manage Consultants
  • Manage Permit Process
  • Coordinate Meetings
  • Provide Contractor RFPs


Construction and Launch::

  • Implement Technology
  • Review User Feedback
  • Verify Operator’s Systems
  • Construction Admin
  • Verify All Materials
  • Provide VE Solutions
  • Review Project Goals