Dynamik has been in business since 2000. Founder and owner Melanie Corey-Ferrini started Dynamik focusing on highly innovative, customer focused experiences, which have a solid business case for success! Dynamik's clients range from innovative start-up concepts to large campus and developer clients. Through the years, Dynamik has expanded our services to a data-driven 360-degree experience approach to help you create your next big thing.

Product or Service

Your Product and Services are what differentiates you in the market. Whether a new project or one yet imagined, Dynamik’s team understands the Business of Experience!

Brand Strategy

Using iterative design methods and processes, Dynamik distills your most fitting Brand Strategy. We work with you to understand your business and deliver logo, collateral, messaging, online and physical environment. 

Identity Creation

 Logo, signage, packaging, menu, brochures, posters, art, and messaging are amongst the pieces that are integrated into the Engagement Pieces, Online and Physical Environments.

Online Environment

Now that we have the foundations of your brand and identity, Dynamik translates these items to the online experience. The Online Environment encompasses Internet, Mobile, and Social Media.

Physical Environment

Dynamik creates success by employing data-driven Brand Strategy in Online and Physical Experiences. To differentiate your brand experience, Dynamik unites your market, operational framework, and space flow with architectural interiors, finishes, lighting, furniture, displays, and art that tell your story.

Engagement Staff

Your employees understanding and ability to convey the brand designed is important to brand-raising. The employee is the face of your brand/product and where others will discover your brand. Strong and interpretive brand that staff members understand and embrace increases valuable engagement with your customers. 

Engagement Customer 

Do you know your target market? Are you wondering if all of the work you are putting in will mean anything to your customer? Dynamik can provide messaging to help customers quickly understand your brand.

Engagement Community 

Our data-driven market research brings your community into focus. With this focus, Dynamik can analyze your plan and market to help identify the community, outreach, and awareness that will help increase your brand presence.



core Team members

Melanie Corey-Ferrini - CEO, Chief Experience Officer

Melanie Corey-Ferrini is a designer, architect, and brand experience consultant with over 15 years of experience. As founder of Dynamik, a full-service firm devoted to clients who understand the necessity of a comprehensive experience, Melanie has worked with clients looking to create unique spatial adventures in the restaurant, retail, hospitality, and workplace. Melanie’s understanding of the brand and experience, through customer demands, feasibility, operational flow, materiality, colors, lighting, overall space planning, and construction, are where her strengths lie. Working with clients on brand and experience to produce a coherent and successful business through data-driven design is what ignites her passion. Melanie has provided strategic consulting, design, branding and architectural services to large and small clients around the world.

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Scott PhilipP – Lead Architectural Designer

Scott specializes in the design, layout, permitting, and construction administration of projects for Dynamik. Scott’s ability to support the project lead, listen to the client participants and implement designs that are unique to the location and client are evident in the level of design in Dynamik’s work. Scott has his B.S. in Architecture from the Washington State University and his M.S. in Architecture from the University of Idaho.

Jake Wagoner – Designer II

Jake has been with Dynamik over two years and has been instrumental in preparing the 3-D renderings for client visualization, as well as, all menu, signage, and art design. Jake is an Artist, Designer, and Muralist. He diligently creates designs that contribute to the experience of your product. He creates multiple design iterations to ensure the final design is successful for our clients.


Johan Lysne - Brand, Design & Marketing Strategist

Dynamik specializes in data-driven design. Johan works on creating branding and collateral strategy that drives market saturation. As a social scientist, Johan reviews trends and sociological data ensuring clients brand experiences are optimally positioned. Translating clients brand essence to the brand design, marketing plan, and customer experience to create clear, executable guidelines.

What we do   

The data-driven design created by Dynamik is for companies large and small, including; Microsoft, Expedia, Vulcan, Sabey, Hines, Talon, Sprout, and S'Wiched. Dynamik is retained by Campuses, Corporations, and Entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions supported by the market, trend, and demographic data. With our core in-house team of experts in design, brand, marketing, layout, architecture, kitchen, and merchandising, our seamless and integrated process assures success.

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