Work, Common, and Play Areas are always in the news today. Companies are looking for ways to increase productivity, drive employee retention while maintaining cost. Dynamik's data-driven, 360-degree approach distills the elements that increase productivity and retention while keeping costs maintained. The 360-degree approach spotlights knowledge and understanding of your employees key preferences and trends in the market to launch a successful space experiene that brings employees expectations in-line with executives goals. Contact Dynamik today! 


Our Process

At Dynamik, our process is as unique and organic as your project. Dynamik's process is customized, and is in motion during the development, allowing us to integrate strategic thinking and tasks at different stages into your project. Our suggested process areas are a guide for you to start your next big thing with Dynamik. Whether you are a start-up, looking to grow, renovate your brand or space, or opening to the a larger market – Dynamik creates each big thing with your goals in mind. Now that’s Dynamik thinking!

Dynamik Space @ GTK

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Satellite: San Diego, CA

Phone: 206-686-2525