At Dynamik we like to think big, create big, and DREAM BIGGER!

In 2018, we are launching our unique DREAM BIG process into workshops. With our “dynamic” expertise compassing an array of expertise including: design, branding, strategy, planning, real estate, architecture, and construction.

Our teams have always dreamed big on projects before the process of design implementation. These workshops will allow your teams to take a step back to dream big and create a data-driven plan, before taking big steps forward to create your next big thing!

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What we do

Dynamik is a multi-dimensional firm supporting corporations, campuses, and entrepreneurs using numerous industry and observational data. Each set of data points is analyzed with you and your team, and is unique to each client. Each process and plan is customized to your project’s goals.

That is how we create the next big thing!

360° Experience Wheel
Dynamik focuses on highly innovative, customer focused experiences, which have a solid business case for success. 

That's Data-Driven Design [D3]!  

360° Experience

Dynamik can help with one, two or all steps in the 360° Experience. Contact us for more details on how we can assist you with your vision.

Product or Service

Who is experiencing your products & services? Markets can be local, regional, national, or global. 

Ideation & Strategy

What attributes and innovations make you unique and is there a business, social, and sustainable case?

Brand Creation

What types of collateral align with your brand?

Engagement Customer & Staff

How do staff and customers engage with your brand?

Engagement Community

How does your brand engage community?

Physical Environment

Why does your brand benefit from a customized physical experience?

Online Environment

Why does your brand benefit from robust mobile and digital experiences?



We put ourselves in the place of the consumer at all levels to best understand and deliver optimized space. From dine-in, catering, social meals, to take out, Dynamik brings the observational and statistical data to make the best decisions during the project life cycle. Understanding ownership of all team members as we start, or are brought on to a project, allows Dynamik to enter a project at any point in its life cycle.




core Team members

Melanie Corey-Ferrini 

FCSI, NCARB, CEO(Chief Experience Officer)



Melanie Corey-Ferrini, the founder of Dynamik, has a wide range of unique and relevant expertise providing innovative thinking for each and every project. With ever-changing trends and consumer demands, projects require new approaches using a wide range of data points aggregated unique to each project. Melanie’s talents as an experience creator and design planner, facilities and real estate strategist, project manager and architect with over 15 years of experience in multi-faceted projects provide clients a “go to” partner on all phases of a project – from idea through implementation. Melanie has worked with clients looking to create unique spatial adventures in culinary, retail, hospitality, and collaborative spaces. Melanie’s passion for understanding the markets that she works in by attending conferences such as Menus of Change, Re-Think Food, and other culinary and retail conferences, provides high-level expertise based on industry, market, demographic, and locational data. Working with clients to understand and create a solid business case through data-driven design and collaborating with globally minded team members to create a “dynamic” solution is what ignites Melanie’s passion.

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Victoria Genise Arthur– Architectural Designer

Victoria’s focus is on architectural and interior services from schematic design, through permitting and construction administration. Her hand media and rendering skills coupled with her experience in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and Adobe programs create comprehensive designs for clients. Victoria has a BA and MBA from Gonzaga University and her M.Arch from the University of Oregon.

Johan Lysne - Brand, Design & Marketing Strategist

Johan specializes in Brand Design and Marketing based on demographics and data. He organizes and facilitates design charettes, brainstorming/strategy sessions that get to the goals of the project. He integrates the newest in technology and social media trends into experiences in order to engage the customer. His abilities to present and gain consensus on a program from stakeholders helps move us through the inventory/audit process. His love of community and food make him a natural for the B&I Market.

Jake Wagoner – Designer II

Jake has been instrumental in creating brand guidelines, logos, environmental graphics, and artisan flair in all projects he touches. By preparing the 3-D renderings for client visualization, as well as menu, signage, and art design, Jake overlays the experience elements onto projects. Jake is also a renowned muralist and artist integrating his creative energy in spaces throughout the west. He diligently creates designs that contribute to the experience of your product. He creates multiple design iterations to ensure the final design is successful for our clients.

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